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Task 10

Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

Project management

Project coordination is the responsibility of AWS, but an Assistant Project coordinator from DTI shall be assigned to the project in order to undertake the day-to-day coordination. Task coordinators shall be assigned to all the technical tasks. Task coordinators shall report progress of the technical tasks every three month to the Assistant Project coordinator.

The Assistant Project Coordinator shall on a day to day basis evaluate the progress and results of the project. Based on quarterly progress reports from the task coordinators, the Project Coordinator and the Assistant Project Coordinator shall revise the plans if needed in order to reach the overall objectives. Every six months, the Project Coordinator produces an overall progress report, which will be discussed on a meeting for all task coordinators. The project co-ordinator is responsible for all reports except when otherwise specifically stated in the individual task descriptions.

The steering committee representing the partners at the executive level, will approve the progress reports before submission to the EU-LIFE programme officer, and will be involved for any changing in the project, requiring a commitment from the partners.

The project co-ordinator will secure that communication ways are established to the EU-LIFE programme. The project coordinator will ensure punctual delivery of reports to the EU-Commission.

During the implementation of the project continuous considerations on whether the project complies with present and coming EU legislation are made.

EU-LIFE Programme