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Task 09

Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

Dissemination programme of results

DTI will be task coordinator and responsible for the dissemination of the project results in close co-operations with the project partners (AWS, LYNIS, UNICON).

The main target of the dissemination programme is to spread the knowledge obtained within the project to increase awareness of the use of bio ash in concrete in order to reduce the environmental impacts from bio ash disposal.

Based on results from the technical tasks a guideline on implementation and use of bio ash concrete will be prepared. The target group includes the entire building and construction sector from the manufacturers of bio ash concrete to the owners who have to specify the requirements to bio ash concrete, i.e. implement the environmentally improved technology. The guideline will be published in English and in Danish at a project website, and hard copies will be distributed to all Danish municipals and to other relevant parties of the Danish building and construction sector.

Based on results from the technical tasks normalizing documents will be prepared and then presented to CEN/TC 104 “Concrete and Related Products” for further actions. This contribute to the after end of project dissemination on a wider European basis.

For each task a report shall be published in English. Reports will be published on the project website.

The municipals affiliated to both LYNIS and AWS will be offered advice on how to update their instruction on tenders for construction of new building in order to accommodate the use of bio ash concrete. Such action will support the green purchase policy of the municipals. In connection with the distribution of the guideline to the municipals, the municipals will be invited to a discussion for further actions.

AWS has exhibition facilities and here samples on bio ash concrete and information on the LIFE project will be put on display. The dry ash outlets at the WWTPs and silo facilities at the concrete plant will in themselves act as interesting demonstration sites. These equipments will be on permanent display for interested people in the industry etc., and serve as up-front evidence that bio ash concrete is indeed a reality.

Owners will be encouraged to make suitable construction projects – DEMO projects – available for the present project, so that experience in use of bio ash concrete in practice can be gathered and registered. The DEMO projects will be used as future references to support the dissemination of the use of bio ash concrete in Europe.

Based on results from the technical tasks articles will be published in Danish as well as in English international journals and trade journals. A kick-off seminar will be arranged in the Copenhagen area with invitation of several stakeholders and potential end-users bio ash and bio ash concrete. The aim is to generate attention to the LIFE Project initiative and thereby facilitate the generation of useful contacts for the project period. At the end of the project international seminars for the public will be arranged inviting all European interested parties. The seminars will present the main results of the project with special focus on the guideline on use of bio ash concrete. Furthermore, AWS, LYNIS and UNICON will present the project results to their customers at “after-work meetings”. UNICON will present the project at the next meeting in the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organisation (ERMCO).

The LIFE-logo will be used at reports and at materials for presentations.

Progress indicators – 1) Kick off seminar for stakeholder held in Copenhagen, 2) Normalising documents sent to CEN-committees, 3) Agreement on first demo-project, 4) Launch of the project website.

Expected results – 1) Normalising documents concerning bio ash concrete, 2) Handbook with guidelines for use of bio ash concrete, 3) Starts-up of bio ash concrete demo-projects, 4) Articles in technical and popular journals, 5) Presentation of the project at conferences, seminars, and technical meetings in Denmark and the EU, 6) Establishing a project website.

Constraints - The success of the dissemination programme will of course depend on the results the other individual tasks. The DEMO projects depend on interested building owners who are willing to make suitable construction project available for the project and the public.