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Status Task 09

Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

Based on results from the technical tasks a guideline on implementation and use of bio ash concrete has been prepared. The target group includes the entire building and construction sector from the manufacturers of bio ash concrete to the owners who have to specify the requirements to bio ash concrete, i.e. implement the environmentally improved technology. At the same time, a layman report has been written for a less technical introduction to the project.

In order to disseminate the ideas in the project to Danish concrete specialist a seminar was arranged in cooperation with The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, who has funded a project on environment and concrete. This project is finalized at the end of 2006 and the seminar was held 5 October 2006 at Danish Technological Institute with participation of approximately 40 representatives of the different stakeholders; Among the participants were representatives from consulting engineers, municipalities, producers of ready-mixed concrete and concrete element producers. The possible reuse of bio ash in concrete production and the BioCrete project was discussed in 3 papers. Material from the presentations can be found at “Formidling”. Please note that the slides from the seminar is in Danish.

There are plans regarding a possible DEMO project using concrete with bio ash: ASW are renovating a 70.000 m3 storm water basin. In the tender material the possibility of using bio ash will be emphasised.

At the IWA specialist conference “Moving forward. Wastewater bio solids sustainability: technical, Managerial and Public Synergy”, which was held June 2007 in Canada, a presentation "The resuse of bio ash for the production of concrete. A Danish case study” was featured.

Furthermore an abstract; “The use of sludge incinerator ash in the production of concrete” has been accepted on the International Conference on Sustainability in the Cement and Concrete Industry, 16.-19. September 2007, Norway.

An article has been submitted to Life News in February 2007.

An article was printed in a special issue regarding concrete in the Danish daily paper “Licitationen”.  DownloadForsøg med bioaske i beton (281 KB)

DTI have held 3 courses regarding concrete according to DS/EN 206-1 where bio ash is introduced.

The use of bio ash was mentioned at meetings held by the Danish concrete society in October 2006 and March 2007. The meetings were titled: “The concrete technology of today” and “Use concrete and spare the environment“.

Folders regarding the project were at display at the conferences "ERMCO - Concrete 2007", 4 - 8 June 2007 Seville Spain, "Dansk betondag" September 20th in Copenhagen, Denmark and ”Betonfeber” November 20-21 in Sweden, Stockholm”.

For a complete overview regarding the dissemination activities and the presented material, please see ”dissemination”.

Final report, including "after life disseminationplan" for Task 9 is completed.


Status per 2008.09.25