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Status Task 08

Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

Since the beginning of February 2006, Unicon A/S has produced concrete with bio ash at the plants in Stamholmen (Avedøre) and Hedehusene (both in the Copenhagen area). From July 2006, the plant in Ejby also started producing concrete with bio ash.

In the year 2006 we have used app. 569 tonnes of bio ash in Avedøre, 265 tonnes in Hedehusene, and 93 tonnes in Ejby for producing 13.100 m3 of concrete in total.

The bio ash is only used in concrete to be placed in passive environmental class, strength classes 8 and 12 MPa. In addition to this - and outside this project - bio ash is used in a larger scale for mixes not delivered according to DS/EN 206 standard (i.e. concrete with a compressive strength < 8 MPa etc.).

Besides the original task description, this task is also dealing with these two new sub items: (Supplementary activities to task 8):


Material safety data sheet (MSDS) for bio ash. According to the law in Denmark the supplier has to describe the characteristics of his product with respect to safety in a document, which can be handed over to the consumer. AWS has prepared a MSDS in Danish for the bio ash.  DownloadLeverandørbrugsanvisning, Bioaske (28 KB)


An important parameter was the content of “breathable alpha-quartz”, which had to be analyzed for. The content is < 2 %, and it is therefore concluded that the bio ash is not harmful/hazardous for the working environment.

Pre-treatment of LYNIS bio ash.
Because of the particle size distribution of the ash from LYNIS, this ash can not be used in concrete without further treatment. In task 4, 5 and 6 the ash from LYNIS has been “pre-teated” by milling to a satisfactory particle size distribution.

Final report for task 8 is completed.

Status per 2008.09.25