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Status Task 03

Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

The substitution of iron salts by aluminium salts at the Damhusaaen WWTP started in February 2006 and continued until August. The period of substitution was prolonged because of a higher processtime at the plant, but this is due to other reasons than the substitution. The dewatering of the sludge has taken place at Damhusaaen, and at AWS a separate batch of sludge has been incinerated, thus producing lighter bio ash. This ash has been used in concrete at Unicon, and the concrete has a slight tint of light red. The appearance of the concrete has been assessed both subjectively and objectively.

A memo regarding the Chemical composition of European bio ashes has been written as a part of Task 3.  

Final report for Task 3 is completed.

Tiles made of concrete (A) without bioash B) with light ash and C) with "normal" bioash.

Bio-P tanks

Aeration tank

Status per 2008.09.25